The main objective of the UnLOHCked project is the development of a breakthrough innovative CO2 free technology to convert LOHC to hydrogen to generate clean electricity. This will enable the development of an innovative, cost-efficient and sustainable LOHC technology with improved thermal energy efficiency in the dehydrogenation step (< 17 kWh input/kg H2 recovered), high catalyst productivity (> 0.02 g H2/g catalyst/min in dehyd) and high level of catalytic stability (loss of performances < 0.1%/cycle) to be used in a demo unit of a LOHC dehydrogenation plant thermally coupled with an SOFC, in order to generate renewable electricity and hydrogen.
UnLOHCked consortium’s final goal is to unravel the full potential of LOHC technologies for hydrogen logistics by the development of a fully CO2 -free dehydrogenation unit for power generation through directly coupled technology to convert liquid hydrogen carriers at energy efficient conditions and with highly optimized catalysts into electric power and hydrogen.